Family Medicine Residency Program

Osteopathic Residency

UPMC St. Margaret Hospital has been involved in post-graduate medical education since it's inception. An ACGME Family Medicine Residency Program began in 1971 and is currently recognized as one of the best in the region. The program has always "filled" through the matching program with graduates of US schools. The AOA accredited Family Medicine Residency, established in 2002, leads eligible candidates to certification by the AOA and The American Board of Family Medicine.

The educational program will continue to have trainees in each of the 3 years. The curriculum, call schedule and experience will be identical for all first year trainees. The UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency program is the only postgraduate training program at the hospital. Excellent clinical experience is available across the breadth of medical disciplines.

The UPMC St. Margaret Osteopathic Residency Program is an important component of the UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency Program. This dually accredited residency program is the largest training program for Family Medicine in Western Pennsylvania. Annually, 13 residents are trained in Family Medicine, plus an additional resident who trains in a combined Family Medicine/Psychiatry program. There are 4 positions approved yearly by the AOA for training Osteopathic residents within the Family Medicine residency program. As a dually accredited residency, Osteopathic residents participate in the same educational activities as allopathic residents. Additionally, they receive Osteopathic training longitudinally through all 3 years in the form of both didactic lectures and hands on training in OMT clinics.

The Director of Osteopathic Medical Education, Dr. Jeffrey Lineman, serves as a faculty member where he oversees the curriculum, provides regularly scheduled lectures, and directly trains all of the residents in OMT/patient care. A robust inpatient and outpatient experience is received by all residents in this program including inpatient training based at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital, pediatric training at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and obstetrics and gynecology training at Magee Women's Hospital. As the only residency program originating from UPMC St. Margaret, residents in this program have the opportunity to work within an “unopposed” environment where resident call teams serve the primary role in handling acute hospital emergencies which arise during inpatient care.

Outpatient training is provided at 1 of 3 family health centers located in underserved areas of the surrounding community. Each resident sees patients longitudinally over a 3 year time period at one of these 3 locations, working alongside faculty members who are also seeing patients at these centers. Two of the centers (Lawrenceville and Bloomfield-Garfield) feature regular OMT clinics staffed by Dr. Lineman, Dr. Leman, and the Osteopathic residents. Residents completing 3 years of training are fully prepared to practice full scope Family Medicine with the additional benefit of having been taught OMT skills which they can then utilize in their office practices.