The following map shows where our fellows have gone to practice after graduating from our fellowship program.

Class of 2022
Jeffrey Fleming, DO  
Molly Gruber, DO  
Mallory Schaffer, MD State College, PA
Class of 2021
Sean Carnahan, DO Pittsburgh, PA
Jason Ferderber, MD State College, PA  
Emily Scott, DO Pittsburgh, PA 
Class of 2020
Valery Bratinov, MD Baltimore, MD
Elizabeth Herrman, DO Pittsburgh, PA           
Mounif Rifkah, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2019
Armando Gonzalez, MD    Laredo, TX
Enayet Neak, MD Grand Praire, TX            
Michael Wong, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2018
Shane Hennessy, DO Pittsburgh, PA
Joel Himes, DO Pittsburgh, PA           
John Murphy, DO Lancaster, PA
Class of 2017
David Espinoza, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Megan Ferderber, MD Greenville, NC                  
Christopher Urbanek, DO Greenville, NC
Class of 2016
Emilia Ravski, MD Newport Beach, CA
Ryan Schreiter, MD Philadelphia, PA
Eric Sickinger, MD Palm Desert, CA
Class of 2015
Mark Conroy, MD Columbus, OH             
Frederick Soliman, MD Athens, OH
Farah Tejpar, MD Weston, FL
Class of 2014
Julia Rawlings, MD Salt Lake City, UT
Matthew Schaffer, MD Pittsburgh, PA             
Mark Wisthoff, MD Westminster, CO
Class of 2013
Christopher Bullers, MD Winson-Salem, NC        
Brian Cruickshank, MD Long Island, NY
Class of 2012
Adam Abdulally, MD Pittsburgh, PA           
Kelley Anderson, DO Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2011
Raj Jain, MD Evanston, IL
Aaron Mares, MD Pittsburgh, PA     
Class of 2010
Jason Wander, DO Fort Worth, TX
Shannon Woods, MD Springfield, MO         
Class of 2009
Meg Gibson, MD Kansas City, MO
Cory Keller, DO Philadelphia, PA
Class of 2008
Jeffrey Feden, MD Riverside, RI         
Jessica Higgs, MD Peoria, IL
Class of 2007
Scott Wissink, MD Minneapolis, MN  
Class of 2006
Paul Johnson, MD Portland, OR        
Class of 2005
Matthew Fisher, MD Pittsburgh, PA         
Class of 2004
Jeremy Henrichs, MD Champaign, IL           
Class of 2003
Franklin Sease, MD Greer, SC               
Class of 2002
Ross Winakor, MD Hartford, CT          
Class of 2001
Tim Barker, MD  Mooresville, NC
Class of 2000
Delmas Bolin, MD Roanoke, VA        
Class of 1999
Scott Paluska, MD Champaign, IL      
Class of 1998
Riche Ferro, MD Fayetteville, NC 
Class of 1997
Scott Grindel, MD Reed City, MI