The following map shows where our fellows have gone to practice after graduating from our fellowship program.

Class of 2022
Daniel Buhlinger, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Alyssa D'Addezio, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Kaylee Dakers, DO Pittsburgh, PA         
Class of 2021
Kathryn Bobak, MD Brownsville, PA
Olusola Moore, MD Regina, Canada  
Class of 2020
Kimberly Chou, MD Dallas, TX
Melissa Coyne, DO Pittsburgh, PA
Monica LoBue, MD Philadelphia, PA  
Class of 2019
Hamza Arif, MD San Antonio, TX
Matthew Koperwas, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Katherine Wilhelmy, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2018
Weston Nix, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Amrit Riarh, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Naushin Udyawar, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2017
Robert Allison, MD Canonsburg, PA
Pavithra Mohan Indramohan, MD Cleveland, OH                        
Zakiya Sadeq, MD Reston, VA
Class of 2016
Christine Alimin, MD Pittsburgh, PA      
Melissa Blom, MD Fargo, ND
Krista Leman, DO Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2015
Janice Chan, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Osahon John Obakpolor, MD Pittsburgh, PA                   
Elizabeth Porter, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2014
Sherlyana Helen, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Soo Jung Lee, MD Beaver Falls, PA    
Elizabeth Mohan, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2013
Richard Hoffmaster, MD Pittsburgh, PA
John Tychonievich, MD Columbus, OH           
Christina Wong, MD Greenville, PA
Class of 2012
Michelle Catena, MD Sugar Notch, PA
Venkat Muvva, MD Harrisburg, PA
Susannah Tripp, MD Pittsburgh, PA       
Matthew Wirt, MD Pittsburgh, PA
David Yuan, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2011
Amy Diplacido, MD Pittsburgh, PA    
Class of 2010
Lora Cox-Vance, MD Chilicothe, OH      
Ruomei Liang, MD Antioch, CA
Class of 2009
Mansoor Alam, MD Bentonville, AR   
Class of 2008
Bhavana Gupta, MD Pittsburgh, PA
John Naumovski, MD Pittsburgh, PA       
Dorothy Wilhelm, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Class of 2007
Fritz Lubin, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Nagib Manov, MD Pittsburgh, PA   
Class of 2006
Babak Barmar, MD Martinsburg, WV 
Kawita Vichare, MD Pittsburgh, PA
Robert Yeh, MD Eugene, OR
Class of 2005
Sarito Golikeri, MD Williamsburg, VA
Class of 2004
Firas Khoury, MD Tigard, OR       
Class of 2003
Bhanu Alapati, MD Parkland, FL
Shan Saraswat, MD  Sun City West, AZ
Class of 2002
Indu Christopher, MD Crestview, FL        
Class of 2001
Shilpa Amin, MD Asburn, VA     
Class of 2000
Sabina Amin, MD Fort Worth, TX 
Class of 1999
Shabana Feroz, MD Maple Grove, MN
Justin Kraus, MD  
Class of 1997
Sangeeta Rana, MD Pittsburgh, PA