Family Medicine Residency Program

The University of Pittsburgh Faculty Development Fellowship Program is a flexible, innovative fellowship committed to train excellent teaching family physicians and to serve the community. This program is nationally recognized for individualized, superior training. This website reviews the program highlights and outlines many of the educational alternatives available to help you achieve your personal goals. The broad range of physicians and hospitals adding to your education makes this program truly unique. Graduates from the program are sprinkled throughout the United States and beyond. In turn, we all feel honored to have been part of their lives. On top of that, our location in Pittsburgh offers everyone a dynamic, culturally rich city in which to live. 



Parul Chaudhri, DO
Arthi Chawla, MD
Rie Hirokawa, MD
Tomoko Sairenji, MD, MS
Syndey Hendry, MD
Manasa Irwin, MD
Jonathan Perkins, MD
Krishna Desai, MD
Ramakrishna Prasad, MD, MPH
Stephanie Gill, MD, MPH
Nobutaka Hirooka, MD, MS
Kohhei Nakagawa, MD
Paul Larson, MD, MS
David Yuan, MD, MS
Lora Cox-Vance, MD
Keiichiro Narumoto, MD, MPH
Gretchen Shelesky, MD, MS
Sabesan Karuppiah, MD, MPH
Chun Wai Chan, MD, MPH
Ruta Marfatia, MD, MPH
Laura Miller, MD, MPH



Jennifer Middleton, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Hajime Kojima, MD, MPH
Jihad Iran, MD, MPH
Shannon Bolon, MD, MPH
Vikram Arora, MD, MPH
Steven Wolfe, DO, MPH
Jackie Weaver-Agostoni, DO, MPH
Tapan Kant, MD
Tara Scheufler, DO
Philip Pritchard, MD
Abdul Khan, MD, MPH
Allen Last, MD, MPH
Julie Yeh, MD, MPH



Mark Deramo, MD
Beverley B Brown, MD, MPH
Kara Levri, MD, MPH, Ltd
Elizabeth Slaymaker, MD, MPH
Christine Henrichs, MD
W. Franklin Sease, MD
Martha Aliwalis, MD
Kari Ketvertis, MD
Tadao Okada, MD, MPH
Laura Fisch, MD
Sukanya Srinivasan, MD, MPH
Carolyn A Eaton, MD
Nancy Misicko, MD, MPH
Roberta Bashore, MD
Amy Stine, MD
Stephen A Wilson, MD, MPH, FAAFP



Raina Rosenberg, MD
Marsha Novik, MD
Mary Lamb, MD
Betsy Ann Johns, MD, MPH
Craig Robbins, MD, MPH
Netra Thakur, MD, MPH
Christine Alexander, MD
Goutham Rao, MD



Roy Henderson, MD, MPH
Andea Gordon, MD
Robert Bloomenthal, MD, MPH
Sarah Gilmour, MD
Robert Woodard, MD
Stephen Toadvine, MD, MPH
Henriot Jean-Baptiste, MD, MPH
Ilene Burns, MD, MPH
Denise Frechette, MD, MPH
Shirlene Tolbert, MD, MPH
Amos Ritter, MD, MPH
James Slawson, MD
Maryellen Schroeder, MD, MPH
Janice Nevin, MD, MPH
Shmuel Giveon, MD, MPH
Gary Schwartz, MD
Michael Cohen, MD, MPH
Edward C Foley, MD, MPH
Cynthia Rosenberg, MD
Robert Alvin, MD
George Corey, MD
Ann L McGaffey, MD
David Baer, MD



The Fellowship was developed in 1982 to train family physician faculty who train family medicine residents especially in community hospital settings. It has evolved to be a training program for those interested in being faculty across the full spectrum of academic family medicine. Our fellowship is recognized as one of the leading programs in the country and has graduated more fellows than any other full-time program. Fellowship faculty have trained fellows from sports medicine, geriatrics, primary care internal medicine, and general academic pediatrics, as well as faculty and preceptors from residency programs and community practices across southwest Pennsylvania.


Quotes from Former Fellows

  • The Fellowship provides a flexible, supportive learning environment for practicing and teaching family medicine. Through a variety of opportunities, you gain the knowledge and skills to develop into a rational, humanistic clinician educator and a leader in family medicine.
  • When I started this fellowship, I did not know how to give a good lecture or how to conduct research at all, however, with tons of support from faculty members, I became comfortable by the end of fellowship.
  • My advice. Become greedy and do not miss every single opportunity in this program! Everything you will have done in the fellowship will be your irreplaceable asset.
  • I want to just thank you for my time in Pittsburgh. I am getting more involved in the teaching of EBM for the residents and Faculty Development activities for the faculty. Through this I have been again reflecting on my fellowship experience. I feel so blessed to have been a part of your Faculty Development Fellowship.
  • To learn is to teach. I entered a Faculty Development fellowship to learn to teach and yet I found myself teaching to learn.
  • Teaching is really about getting people excited about learning.
  • I believe that the most important thing we can teach young doctors is how to find and interpret the evidence.
  • The fellowship hands you the tools to teach and shape the future of family medicine, all you have to do is apply the tools.
  • The Faculty Development fellowship prepared me exceptionally well for a career in academic medicine. The training and experience I received in teaching, curriculum development, evidence-based medicine and research were invaluable, as well as the exposure to top-notch faculty. I can't imagine beginning an academic career without preparation from this fellowship.
  • Even if a person wasn't going into academic medicine, this year would be valuable for becoming a better physician.