Family Medicine Residency Program

How to apply

Positions in the global health track per year will be:

  • UPMC Shadyside up to two positions
  • UPMC St. Margaret up to two positions
  • UPMC McKeesport up to one position

Applicants who are interested in the Global Health Track should provide a brief (one to two paragraphs) statement of their career goals, reason for wanting to enter the track, and ability to meet the track requirements. Following the NRMP match the Global Health academic committee, which includes the integrated Family Medicine program director and family medicine faculty members from each family medicine residency site within UPMC, will review applicants and select those who will participate in the track.

Criteria considered in selection are:

  • Career goals
  • Prior experience demonstrating competency in cross cultural medical care
  • Academic performance which demonstrates ability to handle the demands of the
  • Global health track in addition to the family medicine core requirements