Family Medicine Residency Program

Pediatric Education

Pediatrics is an important and stimulating part of family medicine. Dr. Maryellen Schroeder and Dr. Donald Middleton coordinate the pediatric educational program at UPMC St. Margaret. Both Dr. Middleton, certified in Medicine and Pediatrics, and Dr. Schroeder are full-time family medicine faculty, who share a special interest in the care of children, particularly in the family medicine setting.

Residents at UPMC St. Margaret are well-trained in all aspects of pediatric care. Five months of required full-time pediatric rotations are broken down as follows:

  • One month - Inpatient
  • One month - Outpatient Clinic and Newborn Nursery
  • Three months - Urgent Care and Emergency Room
  • Longitudinal – Follow a panel of Pediatric Patients Outpatient Health Centers

Four of these rotations are at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh (CHP), one of the best pediatric hospitals in the world, conveniently located near two of our family health centers. The newborn nursery rotation is at UPMC Magee Woman’s Hospital with over 10,000 deliveries a year.

At the family health centers, outpatient management of pediatric issues is stressed. Over 25% of our patients are under 13 years of age. Residents develop expertise in well-child care (Dr. Middleton and Dr. Schroeder are contributors to the ABFP modules on well child care and childhood illnesses as part of ongoing board certification SAMs), immunizations (Dr. Richard Zimmerman at the University of Pittsburgh served as the American Academy of Family Physician's representative to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta), and developmental and adolescent issues. All residents rotate through a school health experience providing school health education, including puberty, sexual education, violence prevention and nutrition, to various Pittsburgh grade school students. In the summer, residents can experience the role of being a camp physician. A core lecture series on pediatric topics is scheduled each year at UPMC St. Margaret. Residents will fulfill ABFP requirements for the number of pediatric outpatient visits as well as obtain experience in recommended well child and ill pediatric care. Click here for topics that all residents will be exposed to.

In addition to the above required rotations, many excellent electives are available to those with interest. Virtually any pediatric subspecialty rotation (cardiology, infectious disease, nephrology, neurology, NICU, etc.) is available. Residents are expected to be certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) with courses being offered each year at UPMC St. Margaret.